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Projet colony - ranger design

Part of a school project set in a neo conquistador universe, where the player explore a new planet in research of gold, facing a group of natives not so happy about them being here.
I designed some rangers for that project.

Nickie villa 09

Ranger n°1 : Native nerd and expert, here to collect a maximum of data. Thanks for that exoskeleton helping them carrying all of that stuff

Nickie villa 10

Ranger n°2 : A more cocky and action focused ranger. He is not afraid of stepping on some reliques and local insects. Is mechanical hand help him not getting his hands dirty, it's also helpful to climb and grab things.

Nickie villa 11 2

Native ranger, the colons healed his wounded leg, and now he fells the need to help them and to be the bridge between natives and colons

Nickie villa 12


Nickie villa 06
Nickie villa 04
Nickie villa 05